The Saga Gazette

The Saga Gazette - April 13th, 2015


Good morning! I hope everyone had a great weekend. First and foremost, I want to welcome all of the new members to Saga and Saga of Light.  Every new member has played a huge role over the past few weeks and it’s exciting to see. It is great to see so many new people on both sides!

Now for this week’s events! Tonight, Saga will continue from the Sword Squadron in Temple of Sacrifice beginning at 8PM EDT. A tentative Operation will be set as well for Saga of Light at the same time. Stay tuned in game for more details.

Tuesday, Saga of Light will be taking on Brontes in Dread Fortress and Wednesday with The Ravagers, both beginning at 8PM EDT.

This Thursday, the Terror From Beyond run for Saga will be changed to Hard Mode. Changes for both the following Thursdays (April 23rd and April 30th) will also be changed to Hard Mode.

Friday night Saga will be running Temple of Sacrifice beginning at 8PM EDT.

Now before I get to the party, Saturday afternoon Saga AND Saga of Light (pending member availability) will run operations in the afternoon beginning at 2PM EDT. It is my hope that on the weekends both sides can run operations simultaneously on Saturday afternoon. In the future I would love to see both sides run the same Operation and/or have mirroring schedules.

Just a few quick reminders, a Datacron run schedule will be completed within the next few weeks. Copy has volunteered to host those runs. If there is anyone else that would like to assist Copy please let your officers know. Double XP week will begin this Thursday through the following Wednesday.

Five more days until CROSS FACTION PARTY TIME! Beginning at 8PM EDT, the April Cross Faction Party will kick off at J’inxy’s stronghold on Tatooine. We have multiple contests, games, races, and a TON of giveaways. Like I mentioned in the last Saga Gazette, this is an excellent way to meet your guildies via Mumble and at the party. We will also have live music in Mumble.

Music requests will be taken via chat and they will be played in order received. If you have any requests there will be a forum post where you can make requests throughout the week. These parties get more exciting each month!

Speaking of parties…May 4th is coming up…so for one night that week to celebrate “May the 4th be with you” Saga and Saga of Light will be celebrating in Cantina’s around the galaxy! Stay tuned for the full list. It’s time The Shadowlands know how awesome Saga and Saga of Light are!

The first event for this Sunday will take place at 2PM EDT. Lanceton will be hosting an Orokeet run for both Saga and Saga of Light. Unhatched eggs have already been farmed. If you would like a free Orokeet pet please speak with Lanceton.

Now if you made it this far, which I hope you did…thanks to hard work, Saga has 10 Dreadful Essense! So, at 4PM EDT on Sunday everyone who is available please meet at Section X! It’s time to take out Nightmarish Dreadtooth! Get pumped!

As always, if you have any questions, concerns, ideas respond to this email. Our representatives are standing by! (not really, but I’ll respond :P)

See you in game!

The Saga Gazette - April 6th, 2015


Hope everyone enjoyed their holidays this past weekend. Have another exciting week of events planned with future additions that are currently being worked on. First off, more operations will be added to the schedule for Saga of Light on the weekend for those interested.  Both Saga and Saga of Light are growing each week. In addition to new members, there are more Operation ready players each week. Saga and Saga of Light have something special going and it's exciting to see!

Within the coming weeks, a full datacron schedule will be added to the calendar. For those wishing to find all of the datacrons around the Star Wars galaxy, now is your chance. The schedule will consist of a few planets a session beginning with the lower plantets. Stay tuned for the schedule!

Now to highlight some of the Operations for this week! Tonight, this weekends Temple of Sacrifice group will be continuing from The Underlurker! The Sword Squadron was officially taken down for the first time on Saturday night! Saga of Light with taking on the Dread Masters in Dread Palace on Tuesday with The Ravagers Wednesday.

Thursday night, Saga with be going after Dread Master Styrek in Scum and Villainy.

Friday night, there will be a meeting for all Saga Council/Officers beginning at 7PM EDT. Following the meetings, the 2nd race in the Saga Pod/Mount Racing Circuit will take place on Hoth! So get familiar with those maps! This will be a long distance race! Prizes will be awarded for the top three finishers! The more tauntauns I see the better!

Looking a little further ahead, on April 17th, J'inxy will be hosting our monthly Cross Faction Party! There will be live music in Mumble, games, giveaways and more! This is a GREAT opportunity to meet your fellow guildies especially if you are new!

See you in game!


The Saga Gazette - March 23rd, 2015

Afternoon Saga!

Another fun week in the books! Saga and Saga of Light are continuing to grow strong! There were a couple of large highlights over the past week. Saga achieved #9 last week and #10 this week for Conquest!. Let us keep pushing hard to keep us in the running for rewards! Thanks to all who have participated these past few weeks!!!

Also, last night was the FIRST successful Saga completion of Bulo in The Ravagers operation! The key to these operations is communication is that was the key to success last night. Tonight that same group with continue from Master and Blaster! Let’s do this!

Now for this weeks scheduled events! Tonight is PvP night with Qudoba/Kifi for those interested. Tuesday and Wednesday, Saga of Light will be run Operations beginning at approximately 8PM EDT/5PM PDT. Wednesday night, Saga will going after two quick Conquest bosses for some more encryptions for the guild ship.

Thursday night, Saga will be making a run of Dread Fortress [SM] or [HM] pending your vote.

Friday night! Let the racing begin! The first official races of the Saga Pod-Racing Circuit will take place on Friday night beginning at approximately 8-9PM EDT/5-6PM PDT. Prizes will be awarded to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishers. So start reviewing your Tatooine maps! You’re going to need to!

This Saturday and Sunday night, Saga will be making runs for BOTH The Ravagers and for the first time as a guild Temple of Sacrifice on Saturday and Sunday respectfully. PLEASE sign up via the website so we can get a head count before the weekend. Start times for both operations will begin at around our normal start time of 8PM EDT/5PM PDT.

p.s. Post to the forums! Converse with your guildies! That is what it is there for! Ask questions, be weird, be strange, and enjoy yourselves!

And as always...see you in game!

The Saga Gazette - March 19th, 2015


I just wanted to highlight some of this weekends scheduled events. Tonight Saga will be running an Operation. Eternity Vault [NiM] and Karagga's Palace [NiM] are on the schedule. However, at start time we will decided if we want to move to a LVL 55 or LVL 60. 

Tomorrow night beginning at 8PM EDT/5PM PDT Angela will be hosting this months Cross Faction Party. For those that are new to Saga and Saga of Light this is a great opportunity to meet the new members. Prizes, live music in Mumble and other activities will be going on all night. Invites to Angela's stronghold will be given out just prior to the event.

Saturday, scheduled runs will be available for those interested in Flashpoints, Dailies, Weeklies, and Conquest points. Beginning at 4PM EDT Saga will be doing an afternoon Operation for Dread Fortress [SM] for those interesting in learning. Finally, in the afternoon J'inxy will be running a Cross Faction pet hunt for the Okokeet on Tatooine, Tauntlet on Hoth, and the CZW4 Observer on CZ-198. 

See you all in game!

The Saga Gazette - March 9th, 2015Afternoon East Coast SAGA, Good Morning West Coast SAGA!!!

Who had fun this week? Anyone? This week was AWESOME! We touched on EVERYTHING this week. From scheduled and unscheduled operations, PVP, conquest bosses, World Bosses, Flashpoints, Dailies, Weeklies, and practical jokes on the Imperial Fleet!

So let’s begin with this week’s events! Tonight, for those interested Qudoba/Kifi will be hosting PVP night. Tuesday evening Saga of Light will be running Explosive Conflict [NiM] for all Level 50s and above. Wednesday night will be our weekly run for Encryptions/Frameworks for the guildships (hopefully for both Saga and Saga of Light).

Thursday, Saga will have two runs of Toborro’s Courtyard, one time each for Story Mode and Hard Mode. Friday, 8m groups of The Ravagers will be put together for those interested.

This Saturday in the afternoon, Flashpoints/Dailies/Weekly runs will be put together and in the evening a run of Terror From Beyond.

Looking a little further ahead, Angela will be hosting this month’s Cross Faction Party on March 20th and on March 27th will be the first race for the Saga Pod Racing Circuit!!! Tatooine will be the first host. Race details will be announced in the coming weeks, so get familiar with your maps!

In the works for the website is a video gallery of various recorded events. There are videos that are being edited that should be posted sometime within the week. All I heard in Mumble was constant laughter. The premise of these practical jokes were to throw the 170+ players on fleet off and catch their attention. Believe me when I say we did! We first made sure all of the attendees had the Czerka Enforcer mount. Someone then called out that something was stolen and that the police was needed. Saga proceeded to jump in our cars and chase the “thief” around the Imperial Fleet. With every lap more and more people joined. Some players even responded in General chat with “IT’S THE 5-0! IT’S THE 5-0!” Just to prove the effect it had, Czerka Enforcers were going for 70K on the Galactic Trade Market (GTN). The following day, the lowest one was for over 700K. So if anyone else has any ideas of fun things to do on fleet as a guild, please let us know! Maybe a “Flying-V” like the Mighty Ducks.

Next, we decided to do a military escort. With some Czerka Enforcers, Revanite Walkers and a Skiff, we escorted the “princess” around slowly around fleet. Members were “yelling” Make way for the princess!” etc. Once again, many joined in. We ended up recruiting a few members that have great enthusiasm. The Shadowlands server saw something that I have yet to see, a guild out in the open having a GOOD TIME! Every single day that goes by Saga grows stronger and most importantly laughs louder.

See you all in game!

The Saga Gazette - March 2nd, 2015


I think I might very well be more excited about this Saga Gazette message more than all the previous ones combined!!! The March calendar is COMPLETE! Check the Calendar tab above! Times and events may be subject to change based on how many are available. If you have any questions please speak to myself or your officers!

This month the calendar is full with awesome events to include PVP Nights, Conquest Boss Runs, LVL 50 and LVL 55 Operations for both factions, World Boss runs, etc!

Since there are so many things going on this month, I am just going to highlight this week and some of the other major events for this month.

Tonight, Kifi (Qudoba) will be hosting PVP Night for Saga of Light. Tomorrow night, Saga of Light will be having their weekly Operation. Please sign up via the “Operations Sign-Up” Tab above!

Wednesday we will continue our Conquest Boss runs for BOTH factions!

Thursday, Saga will be sending Brontes to her doom with a run of Dread Fortress beginning at 8PM EST.

Saturday afternoon, groups will be put together for those interested in running Flashpoints, Dailies, and Weeklies. Speak with Lanceton and Y’aria for more information! That afternoon, in order to support our amazing friends across the Atlantic, Saga will be running Explosive Conflict [NiM] at 2PM EST.

On Saturday evening, both members of Saga and Saga of Light are invited to the Outlaw’s Den on Tatooine for the first ever Cross Faction PVP Dogfight!!!

And of course…the week could not possibly be complete without a good old fashion World Boss run for both Saga and Saga of Light Sunday afternoon.

This is all taking place just this week! Sometime this month our beloved J’inxy will be hosting a pet run for those interested in receiving a Tauntlet and Orobird! Stay tuned for the official date and time!

Also, tentatively for Friday March 20th, there will be another Cross Faction Party! Host to be announced soon! Like our previous parties, there will be live music in Mumble, mini-games and prizes!

Finally, a new event series is in development…I am personally quite excited about this one. I would like to announce the Saga Pod-Racing Circuit! Saga’s own mount racing events! Once or twice a month, members of Saga and Saga of Light can grab their favorite mounts and go head to head on circuits on planets across the galaxy! Prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place! An official schedule and courses are in the works, so stay tuned! Get ready to start those engines! Or…fluff those feathers if you are going to use an Orobird :P

I think that just about does it for this week. Keep leveling those new toons like you have been! I am loving the diversity and hearing all of the laughter in Mumble! I cannot wait to see you all tonight! Get excited Saga, it’s about time we blew the roof off and showed The Shadowlands server who is boss!

P.S. - For those who have toons right around 50 and/or 55 and are interested in joining Saga and Saga of Light for Operations let me know! We will teach you about proper gear and how every fight works in depth! One of the greatest thrills I get is running new players through Operations!

The Saga Gazette - February 25th, 2015

Today is a great day, isn’t it a great day!?

Ok Saga and Saga of Light! Here is the very latest on what is going on in your guild!

First off thank you to Lanceton for hosting the party! Those who attended has a blast! The live music was great, tons of “dancing”. I have not heard so many members laugh as much as they did that night. Personally, I cannot wait until the next one!

Last night was the Saga of Light weekly Operation. There were some first timers last night! I have heard nothing but how much fun it was. I think an exact quote was “what a rush!”

Tonight starting promptly at 8PM EST Saga will be traveling across the galaxy for Conquest Bosses! We can take up to 24 people! As long as you can get to Voss in level you are invited! All NPCs that Saga will be fighting are LVL 60 Champions. The more people we get, the more fun we will have!

Tomorrow Saga will be doing a full run of Terror From Beyond [SM]. This will be a LVL 55+ Operation. As always I am REALLY hoping for a 16m run. If you have never been on an Operation and would like to come please do! These are exciting! We joke around, laugh, play music, and just enjoy the night! Please sign up via the Operations tab above if interesting or contact me in game!

The March calendar is currently in development and will be completed this week so stayed tuned! However! As requested by many, On March 7th there will be a Cross Faction PVP Dogfight! Everyone will meet up on Tatooine in the Outlaws Den. We can do everything from a Free For All, Team vs. Team, etc. If that Tauntlet run spur of the moment PVP fight was any indication, this is going to be loads of fun!

Also, don’t forget! PVP Nights are being hosted on Monday nights with Qudoba! Please see the last Gazette release for the information or speak with Qudoba!

Finally, Lanceton and Y’aria have been working hard to get groups going for FPs, Dailies, and weeklies. The current plan is to have this set up for Saturday afternoons roughly around 2PM EST. If you are interested in attending these runs please speak with Lanceton, Y’aria or myself.

That should just about do it. I just have to say that you are all fantastic people and I am always looking forward to jumping on to play/talk with you all. If you ever have ANY ideas on things you would like to run, or missions you want to complete please let me and/or your officers know! We have A LOT in store for you all, so buckle up! It is going to be one hell of a ride! SEE YOU ALL IN GAME SAGA!!!

The Saga Gazette - February 20th, 2015 


Just a few quick updates and events to look forward to. First of, tonight Lanceton will be holding a cross faction get together at his stronghold beginning at 8PM EST. Throughout the night stop by and meet your fellow guildies and officers! There will be giveaways and live music via our Mumble server. Hope to see you all there!

This Saturday night will be a run of Dread Palace [SM] and Sunday will be a run for the Imperial Fleet and Makeb datacrons. A Republic Fleet Datacron run might also be scheduled for Sunday.

Finally, some news on the PVP front! Monday nights Qudoba (the lead of the PVP field) will be taking 3 members with him for PVP runs. If you have not had the chance to see his forum posts please do before Monday! Q is extremely knowledgeable and a highly skilled PVP player. For those interested in attending, please make sure you have a full set of 162 gear prior to Monday. Please do not fit your gear with any mods higher than 162 to ensure that SWTOR buffs you accordingly. The only exception is if you have your own PVP gear higher in level. Also, it was requested that you join Mumble for these events as real time communication will be a necessity. Please speak with Qudoba or myself for more details!

Here is hoping for warmer weather! See you at the party tonight!!!

The Saga Gazette - February 9rd, 2015

Good Morning Saga!

I hope everyone had a nice relaxing and enjoyable weekend! There is a lot to discuss this week as there are many events that have been added to the schedule.

With the current bugs, Operations have been a little complicated, but we have done a wonderful job getting groups together regardless and having fun at the same time. If there are any that are interested in how to lead Operations for either Saga or Saga of Light, please let me know. I will be happy to go over everything I can with you.

Tomorrow will continue the Saga of Light bi-weekly operations, which are scheduled on Tuesdays and Fridays until further notice.

Wednesdays for Saga will be "Conquest Boss Run" Days for those interesting in helping the guild expand the ship.

Thursdays and alternating weekend days for Saga are still our hard Operation days. Thursday, will be Terror From Beyond [NiM] and Sunday will be Dread Fortress [HM]. I hope to have a 16m run for each Operation. Both runs will begin promptly at 7PM CST / 8PM EST. Please sign up via the "Operations Sign-Up" tab to secure your spot early.

On Monday February 16th, there will be a "Pet Hunt" for those interested in acquiring an Orokeet and Tauntlet pet for both factions. That event will begin at 7PM CST / 8PM EST.

On February 22nd, there will be two datacron runs for the +10 Endurance on Makeb and the +10 to all stats Datacron on Imperial Fleet.

World Boss runs have also been added to the calendar for those interested. The next run will be this Saturday the 14th, beginning at 9PM CST / 10PM EST.

In other news, Miss Terri has continued to put out great information regarding PVP! These are very interesting and worth reading. Also, if you are interested in running Daily / Flashpoint groups, please speak with Lanceton!

Council Members and Officers, our monthly meeting will occur on February 18th. Council Members will meet 30 minutes prior from 730PM to 800PM and all Officers (Captains) will meet from 800PM to 830PM.

The 3.1 release is this Tuesday. See the bottom of this email for the link to the SWTOR Patch Notes.

Finally, I want to congratulate Tiyi for becoming the Treasurer/Bank Manager for Saga and Saga of Light! She has done a wonderful job thus far! I also want to wish Sashire a Happy Birthday!!!

As always, if you have any questions please speak to your officers! :D

I think that does it! I leave you with a Star Wars joke!

"What do you call Chewbacca when he has a chocolate stuck in his hair"

May The Force Ever Serve You Well ~Lana Beniko

The Saga Gazette - February 3rd, 2015

Happy Day After Monday Saga!

I don't know about the rest of you, but this past week was a ton of fun! Operations are being run, tons of members getting their toons to LVL 60, and Conquest bosses are being destroyed! Saga has unlocked two new rooms on the guild ship to include the Crew Quarters hallway and the first of six individual crew rooms. The guild ship has been revamped thanks to a lot of awesome donations from all of you! This guild ship is looking better every day! 

Tomorrow night there will be another run for encryptions from Conquests bosses. Planets on the agenda include Tatooine, Corellia, Ilum, Voss, and Quesh. We can have up to 24 people involved with these runs. Please let me know if you would like to attend by either replying to this email or reaching out to me in game.

Saga of Light has their weekly Tuesday operation tonight. The operation will begin at 7PM CST/8PM EST.

Saga will be running Scum & Villany [HM] and The Ravagers [SM] this Thursday and Saturday respectively. S&V will be a full 16m run. However, due to the current chaos involved with TR currently, only 8m groups will be run until we get more experience with it. We can split up into two groups if necessary. Please sign up for these Operations in the "Operations Sign Up" tab above! The groups will be put together roughly 15 to 30 minutes prior to ensure we get off to a good start. 

Lanceton is looking for volunteers to run groups for Dailies and Flashpoints on the Imperial side. For those interested, please speak with him.

Finally, today was patch day! Visit for the details on what is being rolled out. In addition, Dulfy has new information on the Feb 10 release coming up. Visit for details.

It is because of our teamwork and willingness to enjoy the game that has made Saga and Saga of Light successful. I am really looking forward to this year!

Only 318 days until Star Wars Episode VII!


The Saga Gazette - January 20th, 2015

Happy Day Before Wednesday and Day After Monday Saga!

There are some exciting things in the works that the Saga Council is working on. I am happy to annouce the official Council Members that will be running the Saga Fields!

  Imperial Republic
Artorr N/A Social/Operations/Recruiting
Caraleather Archaeology, Black Market Archaeology, Black Market
Carebear N/A Social
Claymoor N/A Black Market
Lanceton Flashpoints & Dailies, Black Market N/A
Qudoba PVP PVP
Reyna N/A Social/Recruiting
Thunderceptor Social/Operations/Recruiting N/A
Y'aria Flashpoints & Dailies N/A

The Saga Council is working on some wonderful ideas and events that will be coming up within the coming weeks.

Tonight is a Saga of Light Operation night starting at 8PM EST. This Thursday Saga will have their first official run of The Ravagers starting at 8PM EST. This should be a wild run! Also there were some requests for a Story Mode run of DF before DP this Saturday. This has been added to the calendar.

See you all tonight!

The Saga Gazette - January 13th, 2015

Happy Tuesday Saga!

Today is a HUGE patch day for SWTOR. A lot of changes are about to get rolled out. For the full list of updates visit Servers will be unavailable for patch 3.0.2 until 7AM PST/10AM EST.

Saga of Light will begin their weekly Tuesday operations tonight run by Art. The operation will begin at 7PM CST/8PM EST.

Just as a reminder, this Thursday will be a full Officer meeting for the Captains and Saga Council. It will begin promptly at 7PM CST/8PM EST. This meeting will be hosted on Mumble and in game chat.

This Friday I am hosting a cross faction get together at my stronghold at 8PM to celebrate the release of the new schedule and changes. There will be giveaways, races, trivia, duels, and maybe some good old fashioned boxing :P

This Saturday will be the first official operation day. Saga will be taking on Brontes and Draxus in Dread Fortress (HM). For many this will be a first attempt at hard mode, but it is going to be an exciting run. It is highly recommended that those wishing to attend install Mumble, as real time communication for the harder operations are important. Please sign up via the "Operations Sign Up" tab to secure your spot. We are well geared for these operations. However, mastering the mechanics will be the key to completing these. We will knock these out of the park! I personally cannot wait to get started!

If there is ANYTHING anyone wants to do or would like to see Saga do, please speak with your officers, myself or Stal'k to make it happen!

"Do or do not. There is no try" ~ Yoda

The Saga Gazette - January 9th, 2015

Saga! Whats up!?

Oh things are going to get exciting! There are going to be so many awesome events coming up! In fact there are already a few I want to tell you about now!
First off, TONIGHT! Beginning at 8PM EST, we will be running Terror From Beyond (HM). We will meet on the Ziost Shadow and send Terror herself back to hell! As always, this will be a 16m run. So please sign up via the "Operations Sign Up" tab above to secure your spot. If you do not have Mumble installed it is recommended that you have it to at least listen. This will make it easier to hear the fights and allow the Operation to go smoother. Please visit to download. Below is the Mumble information:

Address :
Port: 9198

The official Operations schedule will be completed by the end of the day and all hard raiding days will consist of LVL 55 Hard/Nightmare Modes and the new LVL 60 content. All other Operations will still continue to be run, but that will be "spur of the moment".

If there are any ideas for events or if there is something you would like to host yourself, please let your leadership know! In the near future there will be events from everything with PVP, Conquest, Pet Hunts, Tournaments, Datacron Hunts, HK-51 runs, Lore Object searches, etc.

Also, Super Nova has been nice enough to invite us to attend a fleet datacron run this Sunday at 9PM EST. Super Nova will be running this event. Please let me know if you would like to attend so I can contact their leadership.

Next Thursday at 8PM, ALL OFFICERS will be having a meeting on the Officer Deck of the Guild Ship. We will have the meeting via Mumble and chat. If you are a Captain, please plan to attend.

Finally, next Friday on January 26th, I will be hosting a party at my stronghold to kick off the new official schedule. There will be giveaways, contests, and yes ACTUAL music. I am in the process of setting up a music channel in Mumble that I hope to have rolled out before then. Keys/invites will be handed out on the day of the event. If you would like one sooner please let me know.

I cannot wait to get this weekend started! See you all tonight for Terror From Beyond (HM)! Don't forget to sign up!

The Saga Gazette - January 6th, 2015

Good Morning Saga!

This weekend was once again a blast! Multiple Operations were completed to include Scum & Villainy and Dread Palace. After multiple attempts, the Dread Council has FINALLY taken down! There were a lot of first timers that experienced what it is like to take the Dread Council down, so congratulations to those who kept battling and never giving up!

The cross faction party was a huge success. Lots of giveaways, fun games, and some good old fashioned duels took place. Thank you to Carebear for hosting this event! We look forward to the next one!

This Saturdays Fleet Datacron run has been pushed back from 5PM to 9PM EST. Super Nova has invited us attend. They will be running the event. If anyone is interested please let me know!

There are some exciting events that are in the works to be planned included in the schedule to include a PVP tournament and costume contests. Stay tuned!

Finally, for those who are apart of the Saga Council, the first meeting of the year will take place on the Officer Deck at 8PM EST. Looking forward to seeing you there.

As always, have a great rest of the day!

The Saga Gazette - January 2nd, 2015

Good Morning Saga!

Last night a Hard Mode run of Explosive Conflict was completed. We are just knocking these Operations out of the park!

Tonight we will be making another attempt at Dread Palace (SM). I will start putting the group together at around 7pm EST. I highly doubt we will get rolling before 8pm. Depending on what time the Dread Palace run is complete, another Operation may take place afterwards, such as a Karagga's Palace NiM, Dread Fortress (HM), or Toborro's Courtyard (SM/HM) run. A request has also been made to complete a full run of Scum & Villainy for this weekend. Tentatively I will schedule it for this Sunday at 6pm due to the party this Saturday. This will be a full run and take some time. This is the longest Operation in the game consisting of seven bosses. This could take anywhere between 3-5 hours. However, it will be one amazing time!

For those interested in these Operations, please sign up via the tab.

Again, this Saturday evening at 8pm CST/9pm EST we will be having out first Cross Faction Party of the year! This will be hosted at Carebear's stronghold. Invites will begin approximately 30 minute prior! In addition, the guilds Super Nova and Immortality have been invited, so this is your chance to mingle with our new allies! Looking forward to seeing all of you and meeting the new recruits!

Finally, coming up in a few weeks, on January 10th, Super Nova has invited Saga to participant in a Fleet Datacron Run. This will give you +10 to all stats. For those interested please let me know via a website email or an in game so I can inform their leaders.

"The Saga Gazette" will be getting its own tab on the website sometime this week. This will give you an archive of all of the messages and news for this week without having to dig out old messaging in your inbox!

Have a great rest of the day! See you all tonight!